Phoebe Miles MA, FRSA

Huginn Ltd was founded in 2013 by Phoebe Miles.

Phoebe has an MA in Education from the University of Cambridge, majoring in psycho-social benefits of peer-to-peer learning and mentoring.

After a brief career in retail general management, Phoebe joined one of Europe’s leading Executive Search firms, working across sectors but specialising in HR, talent and OD Director and Board level roles. In 2009 she founded the Diversity Practice at her firm, which sought to help clients unpick tacit recruitment assumptions around ‘cultural fit’ and unblock process glitches which all lead to hiring “more of the same”…

She found that setting diversity policies and establishing ground rules and targets do not guarantee a level playing field, or access to development opportunities for all who should get them. Policy and good will don’t direct the routes of influence, craft networks at the top, nor do they shape the prevailing leadership ‘type’.

She also found that effective diversity interventions are usually proxies for better structured, and more inclusive L&D frameworks sponsored by ‘the inclusive leader’. These things need self-aware, emotionally intelligent leaders. Done well, diversity and inclusion are just one of the many aspects of an organisation’s health which can be improved for performance gain.So Phoebe founded Huginn to bring together a range of disciplines to work collaboratively on the issues that lie ‘under the policy skin’ of organisations.

Phoebe now consults full time for a mix of large FTSE companies and smaller entrepreneurial start-ups.

Advisors and Partners

Rob Browton & the team at Blue Provident

Sarah Hildyard (ex Vodafone) at Develop Talent

Dr. Ian Dodds (ex ICI) at IDC

Sara Hill & the team at Capability Jane

Dr. Steve Glowinkowski (Ex Barclays) & the team at GIL

Max Weston (ex BCG) at Panthea

Graham Boyd (ex P&G) at Dojo4Life


Recent clients have included BT plc, Rockwell Automation and Tyco Electronics (TE Connectivity).