Huginn Ltd offers leadership development and organisational consulting services to big and small businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

In brief, we fine-tune leaders’ self awareness and the collective equivalent – “organisational awareness”. We do this through capturing a real-time portrait of organisational behaviour and employee well-being.

This evidence-based approach identifies priority improvement areas and highlights the most appropriate cultural change ‘levers’ which will help drive sustainable change.

We then provide a ‘roadmap’ of easy-to-implement changes designed to benefit people and profit, and often work with clients to embed them into ‘the mainstream’.

In theory…

“She who looks outside dreams. She who looks inside awakes”. Carl Jung.


We work on the premise that human behaviour, and more specifically leadership behaviour is the biggest performance variable in an organisational setting. How and why leaders behave drives their performance, and largely that of their employees. So understanding leadership behaviour – how well it is aligned to business goals and how it impacts on the organisational culture – can unlock various performance gains.

Using interdisciplinary tools and methodologies we help to build the fullest possible understanding of why and how leaders behave and what impact this has on employees and organisational performance.

Inclusive cultures foster diversity

A lot of work we do entails building inclusive cultures which can attract and retain the best talent in today’s plural world.

This requires inclusive leadership behaviour as a top priority, backed by inclusive talent management processes in order to ensure unbiased meritocracy. Our saying “skip the policy and get personal” describes our approach, which focuses on building a culture of inclusion through engaging the personal interests and experiences of leaders and employees. It is critical to get leaders’ emotional buy-in as well as the commercial, in order for them to authentically lead inclusive cultures which can foster true diversity, and stay ahead of the competition.

In practice…

We work with professionals in a variety of functional settings but predominantly in leadership development, organisation development, talent management and HR, and diversity & inclusion.

Our clients engage us for different, though always people-related reasons – sometimes it’s in preparation for organisational change, or alternatively in order to better identify and target the development or engagement needs of employees. We often assist in the quest to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce and company culture.

However our fundamental objectives are always the same: to create inclusive, high performing organisations which embrace tomorrow’s world .

We encourage our clients to grant us periodic access over a period of at least a year to measure and re-measure their chosen business performance variables.


Our work applies to people and (as of yet) people exist in every sector… The areas we have worked in so far span retail, electrical, automotive, e-commerce, professional services, oil and gas and construction.

Similarly clients and contacts span various functions but we most often advise CEOs, HR Directors and OD consultants, plus a few entrepreneurs whose businesses have experienced sharp growth and so have those oft-dreaded organisational realities to consider…